How do I set up Scope?

For the first steps of setting up Scope, we need your help. With a few clicks, you can prepare your system.

  1. You will receive an email with your individual link to the Scope servers and your username (your email address). 
  2. Install the Scope Runtime. You can find the download here:
    The detailed documentation and FAQ page for the Runtime can be found here:
    What is the Scope Runtime (runtime environment) ?
  3. After successful installation of the Scope Runtime:
    Click on the link to the Scope (Test) Server in the email. 
    Please note the difference between the two servers/links:
    - The test system already contains fictitious data and here you can try everything without risk.
    - You will get full access to the live system after completing the training.
    Click on the Start button. 
  4. I get the warning "The website is trying to open Scope Runtime". What should I do next?

    Runtime_Browser Warnung_EN
    This is a security mechanism of the Internet browser, which is supposed to make it more difficult to call malicious applications via the browser. In this case, we open a known and necessary program (Scope Runtime):
    1. Check the "always allow..." box (1).
    2. Then click on open (2). 
  5. Click on the Start button. 
    The software is automatically downloaded to your computer and started.
  6. On the Scope start screen, first change/create your access password for Scope:
    How do I change my password? What do I do if I forget my password? How do I create my own password?
  7. Log into the (test) system and try a few things. For example, familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts in Scope:
    What keyboard shortcuts are available in scope?

Scope shorts - further help