Which keyboard shortcuts are available in Scope?

Keyboard shortcuts, abbreviations, fast access: There are a lot of names for the clever everyday helpers. Some may already be familiar to you from other applications or the operating system, other shortcuts are tailored to Scope.

Tab Cursor jumps to the next field-/action function.
Shift + Tab Cursor jumps back to the previous field/Action function.
Shift + Cursor Select multiple objects.
Ctrl + Tab Cursor jumps to the next tab.
Ctrl + C Copy the highlighted text or selected record to clipboard.
Ctrl + S Saving a record.
Ctrl + F Open the scope global search (top right).
Ctrl + N Create a new record (in the Home View).
Ctrl + P Print (in an editor that allows the print function).
Ctrl + V Paste data previously copied to the clipboard into the active input field.
Ctrl + W Closes a data set.
Ctrl + X Cut the selected text.
Ctrl + T Insert a text block (choose from the pop-up by highlighting the desired text blocks).
Ctrl + 1-9 Direct access of program modules 1-9 from the Quick Access panel.
Ctrl + 0 Jump directly to the home screen.
Ctrl + Space Opens search list values starting at the top, available in fields marked with a looking glass.
Ctrl + F1 Open online user manual.
Ctrl + F10 or Menu key  Opens the windows context menu (similar to the windows right mouse action)  
  • Available in all fields for copy/paste actions.
  • Available in applicable fields to copy in text blocks.
  • Available with extended functionality in fields marked with the downward facing triangle (▼).
F1 Open help function.
F3 Editing the master data set from the current field, opening of additional fields to facilitate the processing (e.g., bar, sailing in the "Travel").
F4 Editing a temporary business partner address (no master data change).
F5 Updating of records for the open screen (master data, order status, tariff calculation...).
F6 Sets address to the default address of the partner government.
F8 Saves changed details of an article.
F9 Calculation of Job costings (in the shipment editor)
F12 Support request
Alt + Shift + N Opens a new address window, in which a new disposable address (for single use) can be created.
Alt + Shift + P Opens the trading partner management and provides a blank window to capture new version of a partner to dispose.
Alt + left (cursor) Move backwards through the history.
Ctrl + I Display of the responsible user and ability to take over the operation (in the shipment editor).
Ctrl + Shift + I When the cursor focus is in a partner field, shows address info and contacts of the partner.
Ctrl + Cursor Moving goods in the tab "goods".
Space bar Insert and remove a flag marked.
ENTER Confirm a marked object.
Ctrl + ENTER Execute the highlighted action in a pop-up window (e.g. OK or Next button)
N Delete highlighted / circled objects (not always possible).
Insert To activate insert-mode in AWB editor, inserting text instead of overwriting.
Cursor keys Change of tab (marked when); goods selection in the tab "goods" (when checked), moves a marker.