How do I add and use partner roles in Scope?

All addresses in Scope are saved by creating them as partners, but some partners have special functions and this is why we need to give these partners a "Role".

How is a role applied to a partner?

  1. First, create a partner (If you need help doing this: How do I create a new partner?).
  2. Once the basic address details for the partner have been entered, go to the Roles tab of the partner.
  3. In the Roles tab of the partner, use the Add button at the bottom to add more roles.
    In the example below, the partner already has the Debtor role.
  4. Choose a role. A partner can have one or more roles.  For example, they can be a creditor and an agent. 

The most important roles you should get to know are

Role Usage
Agent If the partner is the overseas agent who is sending or receiving the shipment, it is critical to give them this role.  Within the role you should also enter the port or airports for which they handle freight.  You will not be able to complete a shipment unless this is done.
Forwarding Customer

This role can save a lot of time when creating shipments by storing useful information about the partner. 

  • Airfreight Export - Store a notify party, save a custom AWB address and store the chargeable weight calculation. Store the docs to be attached to prealerts
  • Airfreight Import - store a notify and the charge weight calculation 
  • Sea Exports -  store a notify and the charge weight calculation. Define a custom B/L address. 
  • Sea Imports  - store a notify and the charge weight calculation. Set the default customs broker
  • Land Freight - Store a default document address 
  • Routing - Store the agents used for the ports/airports used by this customer
Debtor If you create invoices for this partner, then they must have the debtor role.  This is where the account number and other details for this debtor are stored. 
Creditor  If this partner is a vendor and will send you an invoice, then they must have the creditor role.
US Partner Profile

This role is critical if you do functions that involve CBP for this partner:

  • Exports - AES details
  • Imports - ISF details 
  • Bond details
  • AMS details
  • FIRMS code number 
Liner Agent When the partner is the agent for a steamship line, this role is used to identify the steamship lines this agent handles using a SCA code.
Airline When the partner is an airline, this is where all the airline specific details are stored.  The pool of AWBs issued to you by the airline are stored here. 
Road Carrier When you create pickup and delivery notes, the carrier (trucker) address must have the role "Road Carrier".  Other road carrier specific details are stored here:


Known Shipper This is where all the known shipper details like the know Shipper ID are stored if the address is a known shipper.