Shipment Tracking Monitor

The Scope shipment monitor application allows you to see the current status of all shipments entered in Scope without having to call up each shipment individually. The shipment monitor provides real-time information about shipments.

What are the benefits?

The shipment monitor provides real-time information about shipments that may be running off schedule (tracking) and for which action is required. The application provides an overview to better estimate the expected workload for handling the shipments. The data (planned, actual times, actions, exceptions) on shipments can be evaluated as a quality report to control and improve the quality of handling. Via special program actions in the user interface, the shipment data and also the respective tracking plan and its fulfillment can be viewed and edited for each shipment.

Connections and Relations


Being able to see the current status and stage of a shipment and track is the obvious purpose of the shipment tracking monitor. However, like all other Scope applications, it comes with a powerful filter (4) and search function (5). Add or find the information you want and then run quality or exception reports (2) or export the view to your spreadsheet program (3). 

Click on open (1) to access the connected shipment or tracking plan of the selected item.

Opens the shipment just you would open it from the shipment overview.

Tracking Plan
Shows the milestones and exceptions that occurred and provides additional information (such as timings) on all of these items.
Top left there is an action link guiding you to the related tracking plan template (Standard v. 90). This is where you can edit or build tracks and plans:
To learn more about the tracking plan template, take a look at the article Tracking Templates and Tracking Plans.