How does the Denied Party Screening work?

There are various settings to control the use of the Denied Party Screening in Scope. The settings can be set up for a Legal Entity, a Branch, or for an entire server.

  1. Automated query or manual query
    With automated query, Scope checks when the address was last checked and whether the Denied Party list has been updated in the meantime, if necessary, so that a new check is required. The check is performed automatically as soon as an address/business partner is inserted/used in a transaction. This means that not all addresses in Scope are checked, but only the addresses currently in use for which the time stamp of the last check is later than the list date. You do not have to do anything yourself, but you will be informed or prevented from further processing if the automated check fails against the addresses in the compliance list.

    With the manual query, you must proactively trigger the check. You can check individual addresses one by one, or you can check all addresses of a shipment/order in one go via Context menu > Extras.
  2. Validation red (error) or yellow (warning)
    For the Denied Party Screening, there is the option to decide whether an address that has not been checked requires a mandatory action or whether the validation should only be a warning, so that you are alerted to the missing check but can still complete the process without an address check.
  3. Percentage, from when the address validation raises an alarm
    You can specify in advance the percentage at which Scope issues a validation (red or yellow) when an address matches an address on the Denied Party checklist.  The default setting for the percentage is 80%. However, the percentage can be set differently.
  4. Date for Good Guy
    You can define how far into the future users (who have permission to set an address to Good Guy) can set the date field to override address validation. For example, you can give users the permission to set an address to Good Guy only for the current day, so that it is/will have to be checked again on the next day, if necessary. Each of these parameters can also be changed again during the current scope operation. So if, for example, you find that you prefer a manual check to the automated check, we are happy to change it back for you.

To set up the parameters (automated query - percentage - date for Good Guy), please contact the Riege support team.