How do I set up Microsoft 365 login for Scope?

By combining MS Azure and Scope credentials, you can manage users and their master data yourself. Enable full control over your internal password policies and benefit of a secure multifactor authentication (MFA).

How do I set up the integration?

Prerequisite: You already have Microsoft 365 ready for your staff.

  1. Send us your Azure Tenant ID, which you can find on the Azure overview page.
    Send us your information here:
    Tenant ID2
  2. We will do the required mapping and inform you. 
  3. Navigate to scope.riege.com.
  4. Click the Sign in button and enter your Microsoft 365 account details and confirm by clicking Next and Sign in
    NOTE: Depending on your Azure configuration, it may be necessary to have admin rights to proceed. If you encounter an error message here, please talk to your administrator.
  5. Confirm the following messages with the button Accept.
    You are authorizing Scope to log you in. 
  6. Back on the Scope Welcome Page, you can now start the Scope interface by clicking Launch App. If you receive a warning message, proceed as follows:
    a) Check the box for Always allow
    b) Then click on open.
  7. Scope is loaded, and a login window awaits your input.
  8. Enter your usual Scope credentials here. This will establish the link between Microsoft 365 and Scope, and in the future the login will be automatic. 

Notes for Azure administrators

  • Once we have assigned your Tenant ID and enabled the login process, the login is possible with the MS 365 credentials. Scope appears in the Azure Active Directory Application Gallery and you can actively manage the users yourself. For example, it is possible to group the Scope users in one or more groups. 
  • Scope does not require any special Azure permissions.
  • For more information about the multi-factor authentication (MFA) please visit the Microsoft support pages.