How do I maintain the airlines I use and how do I manage the AWB pool numbers?

All the basic details for all airlines are already stored in Scope, so you should be able to create shipments for any airline at any time. If you need to change any data, here is how to get started.

The screenshot below shows the basic data stored for all airlines.

If you cannot find an airline in Scope, create a ticket giving the details of the airline you need, and Riege Software will create it. 

Customizing the airline details

Often you will need to change the airline details so that for example the airline address uses the local address you use in your branch office.  In order to do this, you need to link an airline to a partner. 

Start: Master Data > Partner

  1. In the partner maintenance, create a new partner. 
  2. In this new partner use the local address and contact details for the airline you need to create.
  3. Next click on the Roles tab of this new partner:
  4. In the Roles tab, add the role Airline.
  5. On the General tab of the airline role, complete the following details:

    1. If the airline is an IATA carrier, check the box IATA Carrier
    2. In the box Airline, type in the 3 digit AWB prefix or the airline name and select the correct airline from the list
    3. Add an account number for the airline if you have one
    4. Use the Pool threshold field to indicate how many AWB should remain in the AWB pool before you are warned that you need to apply to the airline for a new stock of AWB's.


Creating a pool of AWB numbers

If the airline has issued you a block of AWB numbers, you can store these in Scope.

On the General tab of the role Airline, you will see in the lower section of the screen a window AWB numbers in pool:

At the bottom of this window you will have an Add... and Remove... option.  Click Add...

A window will open where you can enter:

  1. The starting AWB number
  2. The total number of AWB's issued to you by the airline
  3. The last AWB number (you can use either the number of AWB's or the last AWB number to fill the pool)
  4. If the AWB is borrowed from another branch or agent, you can indicate who is borrowed from 
  5. Click OK and the pool will automatically fill. 

Once a pool of AWB numbers is stored, when creating a shipment, only the first 3 digits of the AWB need to be entered in the AWB field and Scope will automatically pull the next available AWB number from the AWB pool.