How do I create a quotation?

The application is used to record offers for shipment requests from customers. In addition, it is possible to exchange the offer between two branches in order to record prices and special features of the transaction in Scope.

Start: CRM > Quotations

In the drop-down of the New button a selection can be made for the type of declaration to be made: 

  • Air Export
  • Sea Export
  • Air Import
  • Sea Import 
  • Simple shipment

Per selected shipment module there will be different fields available in the quotation and become available in the quotation basis calculation. 


When creating a new quotation or opening an existing one, the general tab is the first thing you will see. Above the tabs there is a title bar containing several action links:

title bar links

Quotation number

The quotation number as assigned by the system, the format of the number can be changed by means of a request to Scope Support (F12).

Create date

The date the quotation was created 

Main Carriage Leg

The origin and destination of the main carriage 


The status of the quotation, the following statuses are available: 

Status Description Remark Fields enabled
In progress Initial status of the quotation when work is still to be done by the user If it has a different status, a quotation can be reset to "In progress". check


Waiting for Status which can be manually set by the user, indicated the user needs information
from a third party before being able to finish the quotation


Completed The quotation has been printed definitely and been sent to the customer. Status can be manually changed to "In progress", "Accepted" or "Rejected". error


Accepted The quotation has been accepted by the customer, but a shipment has not yet been created. Status must be set manually by the user.   error


Rejected The quotation has been rejected by the customer. Status must be set manually by the user. If reason codes have been set up, the choice for a reason code is mandatory. Status can be manually changed to "In progress", or "Completed". error


Shipment created The quotation has been used to create a shipment. No more status changes are allowed. error


Selected Option

A quotation can contain multiple options now: it can have different calculations depending on the products the prospect is interested in or if the prospect requires different suppliers for the transport.

Sales Person

The sales person responsible for this quotation, if applicable, Scope will try to determine the sales person automatically, but it also can be set manually.


If already linked to a shipment, the quotation will show the linked shipment number as an action link.

Generate internal quotation (open/new quotation > top menu item)

The option "Generate internal quotation" is only available if this setting has been enabled. This setting is made by the Riege support team. Please contact us.

This function can be used to exchange quotations within the organization between two branches. It is only possible to create an internal quotations for an external quotation (customer request). A dialog box opens from which you can select the receiving branch and also enter a comment for the recipient.

Subsequently, an internal quotation is created in the receiving branch with the status "New". The receiving branch is additionally notified by e-mail, if this is set in the configuration. The external quotation automatically receives the status "Waiting for".

General tab: Fields and Labels


In the field prospect the partner who requested the quotation, and who would be the expected customer on the related shipment, is entered in this field. Having the proper permissions, it is possible to enter a document address on the quotation. 


The person to whom the quotation is to be addressed, either an existing contact from a partner or a new contract entered via the "Edit contact" option. 


The selected module, once a module has been chosen, the direction can be selected (import / export) but the module (air, sea, simple) cannot be changed anymore.


The incoterms applicable to the requested quotation

Incoterms place

The corresponding place of the incoterms 

Movement Scope

The movement scope on which the quotation should be based

Place of Receipt

Place of receipt for the quotation. If a UN location code is selected, Scope will search for applicable tariffs available in the master data and add them to the quotation. 

Place of Delivery 

Place of delivery for the quotation. If a UN location code is selected, Scope will search for applicable tariffs available in the master data and add them to the quotation. 

Place of Receipt Zip 

Place of receipt zip code for the quotation. Scope will search for applicable tariffs based on registered zipzones available in the master data tariffs and add them to the quotation. 

Place of Delivery Zip 

Place of delivery zip code for the quotation. Scope will search for applicable tariffs based on registered zipzones available in the master data tariffs and add them to the quotation.


When the number of packages is available, the regular edit packages option (F3) with the standard dialog is available.


When the number of containers is available, the entry for multiple containers for only 1 type can be entered in the mainscreen and using the edit containers (F3) option, a dialog can be started where multiple container types can be registered.

Send Quote Before

Date before which the quotation should be sent to the customer.

Valid to

Last date of validity of the quotation

Latest shipping date

The last date that the shipment should depart, this date value is also used to search for applicable tariffs. 

Conversation rate

When a quotation is created or edited and the prospect has been assigned, you will see the total number of quotations created for the prospect, as well as a conversion- and percentage rate of accepted quotations. If you click on the number of quotations, you will get an overview of them.

Scope of System

Besides the defined order types based on movement space the user can use additional order types. In this case defined charges codes/tariffs will take place at calculation tab (calculation quotation).

Calculations tab: Rates & Options

Options/Offer multiple options
Possibility to offer further options for the entered shipment data, e.g. direct service or transhipment, LCL or FCL, airline Lufthansa / Cargolux / Cathay.

  • You can re-name options by clicking on link below the list (1).
  • You can add a new option or copy/delete existing options (2).
  • You can move options up and down (3) in the list.
    This will also affect their position in the layout tab.

Calculate quotations

Click the action link Calculate quotation to do a base calculation on an applicable activity type, if found. If the link is used more than once, the system will ask whether existing lines are to be replaced or the action should be canceled.

Scope will use the data entered in the fields Selling Product, Currency, Carriage, Booking / Arrival Agent (not visible for Air / Simple quotations) and Product to find corresponding tariffs. 

Buttons/links of the charge line editor

Open Used Activity Type

Will open the Activity Type found during the calculation, if the user has sufficient permissions he can adjust it. 

New Button

Option to add a new charge type line to the quotation


Option to edit a charge type line of the quotation


Option to delete a charge type line of the quotation

Charge Type Line Dialog

When using the new or edit option a new dialog will be opened where the selling and buying details for the quotation can be registered. 
Order Type

The activity to which the calculation belongs, being either handling, Pickup (export), Delivery (import) or Main Carriage. 
This is used to determine applicable tariffs and values to be calculated with. 

Charge Type

The charge type as to be mentioned on the quotation. 

  income cost profit
Partner The partner for whom the selling rates are registered The partner of whom the buying rates might be registered -
Basis basis for calculation basis for calculation  
Basis value value for calculation value for calculation  
Amount, Rate The amount and currency and the exchange rate to be used The amount and currency and the exchange rate to be used  
Quotation Amount Converted to local currency amount Converted to local currency amount Profit & profit percentage

In the amount rate box there are 3 functions available:

F3 - Calculator: Standard job costing calculator allowing to select a basis and number, defaults the basis if possible and the rate

F5 - Recalculate Tariff: Standard job costing option to perform the tariff calculation again based on the tariff found and the details available in the quotation 

F7 - Show Tariff: Standard job costing option to display the details of the tariff found and the details used to calculate the amount. 

Layout tab

If there are no charge types viewed in tab layout, it can be stemmed by these reasons:

  • no charge types added at tab Calculation
  • only costs are mentioned at charge type
  • no income mentioned at charge type

Move/edit positions


Using the Edit option depending on the type of line selected the following can be done:

  • Calculation line: Quotation text and construction of calculation can be added and or updated to fit the details.
  • Rate text blocks: The default rate text block can be overwritten with specific text for the single quotation.


Using the Add option, standard created rate text blocks can be added to the quotation. The defaulted text can be updated for the specific quotation. 

Move Up/Down
Using the Move Up/Move Down buttons, the position of the individual lines can be adjusted. Calculation lines can be moved respective to all the available calculation lines.
Rate text blocks can either be moved to the bottom or to the top (below the Remarks).
They cannot be positioned in between calculation lines. 

Combine / Disband
Allows the consolidation of multiple calculation lines into one quotation display line, or the reversal of the same 

Fields & Labels

The partner receiving the quotation, display only, changes are to be made on the general tab.

The language in which the quotation will be sent to the partner, defaulted with the language of the partner

Addressee of the quotation, display only, changes are to be made on the general tab.

Valid to
The date till when the quotation is valid, display only, changes are to be made on the general tab.

Email address
The email addresses to which the quotation will be sent, display only, changes are to be made on the general tab. 

The remarks box is the header of the quotation, will appear as the top line in the positions grid.