How do I create a note? How do I delete a note?

Scope's note function is located at the bottom right of the main screen. Notes are related to shipments or certain master data items.


Click on the small sticky note icon (1) to open the note window.

If there is already a saved note, the icon changes to .

Notes that have already been created are listed here. Use the action link New note (2) to open a new window in which you can create a new note.
  • You can choose where the message will be visible by selecting one of the visibility options.
  • You can choose priority (Low, Medium, High), which will mark the saved note with a yellow dot (medium) or red dot (high).
  • With a click on OK you save the new note.
Delete note
Action links are assigned to each stored note:
  • Mark as read
  • Edit
  • Delete

To delete the note, the blue action link Delete must be clicked, and the message confirmed again with Delete. After that, the note will be deleted irrevocably.

Contextual note

Notes are always connected to a certain shipment or master data item. If a user selects or opens the shipment or data item, the note will be shown.

Example for a reminder note and how to create it

Use case: If an export clerk books a shipment to a certain destination, the special deal on a certain airline pops up as a reminder to book on this carrier.

  1. Start the function Master Data > UN Location codes.
  2. Search and open the required destination.
  3. Click the note symbol in the bottom bar and then the option to New Note - you will see the location code in the notes window caption (e.g. Notes for AEAUH).
  4. Enter the following details;
  • Priority Medium (note disappears after 10 seconds) or
    Priority High ( user needs to close note)
  • Expiry Date: if note should not be given after certain date this can be set
  • Visibility: set public if all branches should see it; legal entity if all branches from one country should see it; branch if only the active branch should see it
  • Relevant Context:  select FORWARDING_AIR
  • Contents : enter the required text.