How can I manage financial status of shipments?

When a shipment is first created, the initial status "Open" is automatically applied. This can be seen on the jobcosting tab of the shipment and be made visible in the Shipment Overview.

All shipments in Scope will have one of the 4 financial statuses listed below 

Open When a shipment has Open status it may not have any estimates, income or payables registered, or it may have a variety of these.  With this status, more estimates may be added, invoices may be created, and existing estimates may be converted to payables. 
Pre-Billed A shipment can have Pre-billed status.  This is only used in conjunction with printed cost specifications.  It is applied when a cost specification has been printed for any open invoices and there are no estimates remaining on the shipment
Billed Billed status is applied when invoices have been completed. There may still be estimates on the shipment 
Closed When all billing is complete, any estimates have been converted to payables and any other payables have been completed, the shipment can be marked as Closed. With this status it is expected that no further charges, either incoming our outgoing, will be added to the shipment and the final profit is set. 

Status changes

As estimates and open invoices are added, the status remains Open.

As soon as the first invoice is issued for the shipment, the status automatically changes to Billed.


To change the financial status of a shipment, click the current status.  The example below, when the blue Billed status is clicked, a dialogue appears where a new financial status can be chosen.  In this case, the shipment can only be changed back to open.  It cannot be Closed because there are still open reserves on the shipment:Selection_999(038)

Using the Extras option "Change Financial Status" in the Shipment Overview you can change the status of multiple selected shipments in one go:
Forwarding > Shipment Overview ... Extras > Change Financial Status.
Of course, the options are dependent of the permissions that you got in Scope. 

Closed status

Once all the invoices have been completed and any estimates have been converted to payables and all payables have been applied, it is time to change the financial status of the shipment to  "Closed'.  This means no more charges are expected to be applied to the shipment, both incoming and outgoing. 

The closed status must be applied manually by clicking on the current status and selecting "Close order" from the options:


You could also opt to reopen a shipment financially, if you got the permission that is required for that. 


In the Shipment Overview it is possible to add the Financial Status as a column and to sort and filter on it. Reports can be generated including the financial status.