How can I create a sea import super-house shipment?

The import agent is required to consolidate multiple house shipments all together in order to present them as a single shipment to the importer. A super-house import shipment is used to create this special consolidation.

There are two ways to create a sea import super house:

  • Use an existing shipment as a "Lead shipment"
  • Create a super-house from scratch

Using the lead shipment method to make a super-house

  1. Open an existing sea import shipment that is to be used as the "Lead shipment" for the super house.
  2. From the Extras menu of the selected shipment, choose Create Lead-Shipment.
  3. The new super-house will open and all the details from the chosen shipment will be used in this new super-house shipment.  Change any details as required.
  4. Once the general details about the super-house are complete, click on the Consolidation tab to begin selecting the house shipments to be added to the super-house.
  5. In the Consolidation tab, use the Participant field to restrict the search to a specific party.  Use the Search Criteria to search by more general rules.
    Use the Add button on the consolidation screen to add sub-houses on the left of the screen to the selected Sub-houses on the right of the screen. 
    Use the Remove button to remove sub-houses from the super-house.
  6. Save the super-house when all the required sub-houses are added.  Now it is possible to print regular sea import documents for the super house from the print options.
     Invoices can also be created on super-house shipments. 

Creating a super house from the sea import menu

A super-house shipment can be created from scratch.  This means there is no lead shipment. 

  1. From the sea import overview, select New from the menu-bar, and then select Super-House Shipment.
  2. Now the super-house opens, complete all the shipment details and consolidate sub-houses on the super-house as previously described.