Master Reference Number (MRN)

Master Reference Number (formerly Movement Reference Number): Unique number assigned by the ATLAS system in the NCTS (dispatch MRN) and AES (export MRN) procedures.

Master Reference Number (formerly Movement Reference Number).

The MRN is the transit, export or EAS registration number. It is used for transit procedures opened in NCTS, AES or EAS.

The MRN consists of

  • the 2-digit year ("16")
  • a 2-digit country code ("DE")
  • a 4-digit code of the customs office of departure and
  • a variable number generated by a system based on a discrete logarithm. This number is consecutive, however, the logical continuation -for fraud prevention- is hard to predict.

    At the penultimate place of this number there is a letter, here denotes:
    • M indicates a transit procedure that has already been opened and
    • A is a transit procedure that still has to be definitively opened by the customs offices of departure.