How do I select the flights to be shown on the air export AWB?

When a shipment has more than 2 flight legs, you may want to select which flights to print on the AWB, since only 2 can fit in the space dedicated to flights on an AWB.

Start: Create/open an air export shipment

  1. In the Flights field of the shipment, select the Edit Flight Details submenu option. 
  2. Enter all flights in the usual way. 
  3. Open either the House AWB or the IATA AWB editor (click on the button). 
  4. Go to either the "Flight 1" or "Flight 2" field. Both fields will now have a submenu option called Select Flights from Shipment (F2).
  5. Click Select Flights from Shipment and simply select the flights you want to appear on the AWB using the flight selector.