How do I adjust the chargeable weight and dimensions on an AWB?

You can edit the AWB with the editor on the general tab of a (master) shipment. Look for the buttons 'House AWB' or 'IATA AWB'.

  1. Create the Master shipment on the normal way.  On the general tab of the shipment, the charge weight will appear like the example below.
    example weight
  2. Now open the AWB editor by clicking on the House AWB button (or IATA AWB button).
  3. Go to the Tariffing tab and the details in the preview of the AWB will be the same as shown in the example shipment ~ 480 kg. 
    tariffing tab
  4. Highlight the tariff line and then click Edit.
  5. In the tariff line editor, highlight the dimensions that needs to be changed and click Edit.
  6. Edit the dim to the new size and click OK.
  7. Back in the editor, use the drop-down menu to the right of the chargeable weight and click Recalculate Chargeable Weight (or press F5).
  8. The new dimensions and chargeable weight will show up on the AWB. 
  9. Click OK and Save when prompted.