How do I add additional email addresses for a user?

If you have already switched to log in via MS 365 (MS Entra ID), then you will find the management of user email addresses in MS Entra ID.

Find the user and add email addresses

  1. Go to the MS Entra ID page of your company.
  2. On the panel there is a section Manage which contains Users. Click on Users.
  3. Find the user in the list and open it to see its properties.
  4. Click on Edit properties to access the edit mode.
  5. In the tab Contact Information, you will find the other email field. Here, you can add additional email addresses by clicking on Add email.
    Make sure your changes have been saved, when you leave MS Entra ID.
  6. When you log in your Scope account next time, the new email addresses will be available in Scope.

Depending on the application you are in, it might be necessary to open a drop-down menu to find the other emails.