FAQ for CO₂e calculator

Find answers to the most common questions regarding the CO₂e calculator integration in Scope.



I want to recalculate old shipments. How can I do this?

You can recalculate old shipments (that are not calculated yet) via: Scope > Settings > Forwarding > Forwarding Settings > Recalculate CO2

What is the business model applied by Riege and CarbonCare on the CO₂e Calculator?

We offer a shipment based calculation with a volume model.

I already have a CarbonCare Business License.
What’s the difference between Business License and the shipment based model?

For the calculation and the functionality within Scope there is no difference. But on costs side it’s worth taking a look at the shipment based model as the prices are really attractive in comparison to business license.

How much does the CO₂e Calculator license cost per year?

This depends on your shipment volume. Please get in contact with a Riege sales person for a detailed offer.

Can we activate to calculate only for specific partners, branches or modes of transport instead of all?

These kinds of narrowed calculations are not part of the license models.

Please make the CO₂ value as shown in Scope also visible in Scope Connect. Is this possible?

An implementation in Scope Connect is not planned.

Is the CO₂e Calculator covering all transport modes worldwide?


Does the CO₂e Calculator offer calculations for multileg routings worldwide?

Yes, global coverage and any combination of transport mode can be chosen.

Which standard does the CarbonCare CO₂e Calculator follow for its calculations?

Calculations are made according to ISO norm 14083:2023 and CarbonCare was audited and validated by S.G.S.

Does the CO₂e Calculator have its own database?

Our Partner WildVenture (CarbonCare) who processes the calculation has one with over 14 million data elements for secure and efficient calculations.

Which transport data is needed to make a calculation of emissions for a shipment?

Weight (kg) and routing with mode of transport for each transport leg

How does the calculator find the correct addresses?

CarbonCare bases the calculation of the ISO-country codes plus the postal codes and use IATA and UNLOCodes for air and sea transports

Does the calculator use primary or generic data for the various transport modes?

CarbonCare uses primary and secondary data from various sources and update them regularly.

Does the CO₂e Calculator offer offsetting projects for compensating emissions?

No, but our Partner WildVenture (CarbonCare), who use gold standard projects of myclimate and climatepartner and offer them.

Why should I use the CO₂e Calculator as an emissions' calculator?

CarbonCare offers a comprehensive solution covering all emission elements and has an excellent price/performance ration

What does CO₂ and CO₂e mean?

CarbonCare shows CO₂e values, i.e. Carbondioxide (CO₂) plus other Greenhous gases which are generated when burning diesel or other fuel (CO₂e)

In which format are emission values available?

According to ISO14083 CarbonCare calculates and publishes the CO2e-values for energy provision, trans-port and total and add the emission intensity in g/tkm.

Does the CO₂e Calculator offer analytics and reporting options?

Yes, via our Partner WildVenture (CarbonCare) with their tool “analytics & data storage” which allows establishing detailed reports which can be stored and printed/exported in EXCEL or PDF format.
Data is also stored in Scope and can be used in the Shipment Overview exports to Excel.

How can I access to the total number of emissions of the last 365 days?

Our partner WildVenutre (CarbonCare) issues a yearly “emission certificate” where all emission values for each transport mode are listed for all calculations made via Scope.

Can the emission values calculated by the CO₂e Calculator be used for measuring my company's footprint?

Yes, reporting is done according to the ISO standard and can be incorporated in the yearly footprint report.