Scope demo - NL - Quickstart

Cheatsheet for Scope prospects in Belgium and Netherlands

Please note that this demo environment may be used by other Scope prospects as well. Therefore, be careful when entering real data for shippers and consignees if you want to be 100% sure they'll not be exposed to other companies. We reset the demo every 1-2 months to keep data clean and fresh. Therefore, it could be the case that your earlier created partners or shipments have disappeared. Obviously, this won't happen on your possible future Scope live environment.

If you are already a Scope customer you cannot login to the demo environment with your real Scope user-id. Please login to your own test environment if you want to play around in Scope.

Scope Runtime

In order to be to run Scope on your PC, you need to install the Scope Runtime. This can be downloaded from: https://www.riege.com/scope/download/

Use the Windows version for local installations on Windows PC. Use MacOS when using Apple Mac.

See also this knowledgebase article.

Scope client (forwarding and customs software)

You and your colleagues will go to the following URL:


Click the start button, it will download a java applet, save it and then open it. Your login ID will be your email address and your password (for everyone) will be: Scope4you  

After you have downloaded this, it will install a shortcut on your desktop so you can avoid the steps above in the future.

Here is a simple cheat sheet to use the demo account, so that you can use the existing shipper, consignee, agent combinations that are setup with tariffs etc. We ask you not to delete or modify any existing tariffs, partners etc. etc. but play around as much as you like.

If you get stuck, hit F12 which will create a support ticket and let us know the problem and our support team can surely help. Support can also be reached at +31(0)85-236 98 98

Where am I

You work for a fictive company Scope Cargo. Scope handles seafreight in the RTM office and airfreight in the AMS office.
In all cases I recommend starting in the AMS or RTM branch as most data can be found there.  
Clicking on your name in Scope in the bottom right corner will allow you to switch between the various branches. 

Existing shipments

Feel free to open any existing sea- , air shipment or Customs procedure. If a document on the Documents TAB doesn't open please reprint it and then open that new document. As you are working in a copied environment, documents that were printed in the original environment cannot be opened here.

Create your own shipments

By using the suggested shippers, consignees, origins and destination mentioned here, auto-invoicing and rating will work correctly.
Of course you can enter new partners, other destinations to your own likes. 

  • If you add a trucking company (road transporter) as partner, this partner will need the role Road Carrier
  • If you add a liner agent or co-loader as partner, this partner will need the role Liner Agent and can be linked to the related carrier
  • If you add an overseas agent as partner, this partner will need the role Agent and in this role the related port (UN Location Code) must be provided


Use ocean carrier MAEU
Use booking agent MAERSKNL
Use container depot BARGE
Use terminal APM-II

For container pickup and deliveries use partner with code CONTRU

Sea export

Type of shipment Single shipment FCL
Shipper MEDNIJ
Consignee PHANYC
Port of loading NLRTM
Port of discharge USNYC


See an existing consol from NLRTM to CAMTR and the houses attached to the consol for an overview of the master/house possibilities.

Sea import

Type of shipment Single shipment FCL
Shipper ASCET
Consignee GRAVI
Port of loading MXVER
Port of discharge NLRTM


For airfreight pickups or deliveries use partner with code EXPC
For security screening use partner with code AIRSECURE

Air export

Type of shipment Direct shipment
Shipper LIFE
Consignee UNTS
Origin AMS
Destination BKK

Air import

Type of shipment Direct shipment
Shipper CONSTR
Consignee CHEESE
Origin PVG
Destination AMS

NL Customs

In our demo environment it is linked with the test system of NL Customs, so it is possible to send NL Customs Messages 
and get responses back from customs. However there are some limitations. 


AGS Exports Exporter (AGS Exports) LIFE
AGS Imports Importer(AGS Exports) LIFE
AGS Imports VAT Responsible LIFE
AGS/NCTS Article Matilda
AGS/NCTS Article  VitaminCSupp
AGS imports Location of goods SCOAMS (Bonded Warehouse)
AGS Exports Location of goods Every Postal code/house number combination is accepted
NCTS Location of goods SCONCTS
NCTS Office of Departure NL000511
NCTS Office of Destination NL000205

Note: Test system works for all HS codes and corresponding regulations as published on: https://tarief.douane.nl/arctictariff-public-web/#!/home

Scope Connect  (track and trace & agent access):


As a shipper/consgnee

Login:  dbakker@lifeware.nl
Password:  Daan1

Daan is an employee of Lifeware. In the demo environment, LIFEWARE is used for both import and export shipments. Therefore, Daan sees the LIFE shipments.
He can also make bookings and upload additional documents on existing shipments.

As an overseas agent

Login: openjor
Password: openjor1

Osa is an employee SCOBKK, your agent in Bangkok. He can see shipments on which he is mentioned as agent, all shipments of shipper or consignee UNTS (United T-Shirts LLC, Bangkok).
He can enter pre-alerts (will become your import shipment in NL). He can complete milestones on his shipments.